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TMH: Frankie Simons by Flanneur
TMH: Frankie Simons

Finished writing this at 2 am i'm sorry 


 James 'Frankie' Simons
Age: 25
Gender: M
Nationality: English
Height/Weight:  6'0" / 180 lbs
Date of Birth: Feb 10, 1989
Occupation: Pet Groomer 
Room Type: Double
Roommate: Gabriel Hall 
Personality: Eccentric / Clumsy / Happy-Go-Lucky (externally) / Outgoing / Passive / Forgiving / Social / Friendly / Indecisive / Comedic

Frankie is rather hard on himself. He moved away from his family and friends in England after graduating high school because he felt he could never make them proud. He was never really successful in school, and he lacked the motivation to continue after, immediately dropping out of community college, and incapable of finding a job that he could last more than 2 months. A lot of things run through his mind daily, and he suffers a lot from anxiety. He tends to brush it off, however, and keep himself busy by socializing and having small adventures through out the big city. He very much enjoys good company, and he always puts others first. In return, they keep him distracted from all the chaos that grinds every broken gear in his head.
He is capable, and actually comfortable, with change, and is rather independent, surviving off little and always up to giving up everything of what little he has. Despite being a good, sweet kid, he lacks the responsibility and decision skills making that make up a good, respectable adult. 


Frankie grew up in Liverpool, England, with his single mother, and older sister, Ave. He doesn't know much about his biological father; he doesn't care much about it. The Simons eventually moved to London when Frankie was in the 8th grade, and his mother got married soon after. 
He grew up the typical slacker kid, always up for fun, always down in video games instead of doing homework. He met his best friend, Lauren, freshman year, and they hit it off from there. Frankie, Lauren, Lauren's girlfriend, and two other friends started a music group late in high school. They didn't go far, and they all eventually split up after graduating, which Frankie barely managed to do.
Frankie's life was pretty mundane thereon after. He applied for a nearby community college, indecisive on what to major in, and soon dropped out after dabbling in some hard drugs, which he immediately dropped. He had a few jobs here and there, but it never felt right. Feeling hopeless, he never came home, attended multiple, random parties, and usually ended waking up in sketchy, random places, and even the slammer one unfortunate night of endless drinking. 
Frankie didn't have any friends left except Lauren and her girlfriend. He lived with them in her parents home during his last days in England. After a week, they decided to move to NYC on impulse because they couldn't stand their lives anymore in the city full of haunted memories and broken dreams.
They left without notice with what little they had, and moved into a tiny, cramped apartment near the bay. He eventually told his family where he was, and despite being furious, they supported his impulsive decision, occasionally sending in living expenses. His parents were rather wealthy, fortunately for the three kids living together. 
After getting a job as a pet groomer, and sticking to it for more than 10 months, he decided he could try to live on his own without any support.


Helena Turner (51) (Mother): They're not close at all. After she got remarried, they distanced dramatically. The occasional family dinners were the only times he ever saw her after a long day at school. However, she supports him and provides funds, because she knows the US would be better for her confused child.

Oliver Turner (56) (Step Father): He's cool. Frankie doesn't talk to him much. He doesn't really accept him as a father figure, just as a guardian or something. 

Avery Simons (29) (Older Sister): He loves and admires her a lot. She has always been independent and has proven to being the successor of the family, getting a good job and finding a spouse. She's currently pregnant with her first child. Frankie feels he isn't good enough to interfere in her life, so he doesn't communicate with her as much, except the occasional two minute calls saying, "happy birthday", or "merry christmas". 

Sophie Turner (18) (Younger Step Sister): They haven't been as close since he moved to the US, but he loves and misses her very much. She was probably closest to him out of his whole family growing up, thus she's the only one getting checking in calls from him.

Lauren (25) (Close/Childhood Friend): His old roommate before he decided to move out and live on his own. They were best friends in high school and moved out together, along with her girlfriend, to the US soon after Frankie dropped out of CC. She's always been supportive of him, and helps him during rough times. She's the first person he calls, and the first to answer, whenever he's drunk, crying, watching children's movies at 3 am. 

Jiji the Black Cat (1) (Pet): His illegal house companion.

Likes: animals, drinking, parties, raves, concerts, dancing/raging/moshing, anything free, playing with dogs, dogs, thrifting, skating, anything cute

Dislikes: smoking (yet he still does it??), hot/humid climates, making decisions, confrontation, violence, racism/prejudice, laundry day, cleaning

Additional Info:

- He forgets to bathe sometimes. His hygiene isn't the best. He has a laundry day twice a month whenever he runs out of "clean" clothes. He tends to run around in his underwear during those days. It's great.

- Can easily grow a beard.

- Despite having bad hygiene, he's a pretty healthy dude. He lives off vegetarian cuisine even though he likes meat. He works out every week day.

- He gets lost easily. Has a bad sense of direction.

- Can't drive. He either walks / penny boards / rides the bus / subway.

- He is an activist, He's very supportive of the POC community and is very anti-animal abuse. 

- Eyes are olive. Hair is naturally red, but he dyes it strawberry blonde or a dark/dirty blonde. He's very pale and his wardrobe is basic asf.

To-Wish: Sakaguchi Yuki by Flanneur
To-Wish: Sakaguchi Yuki

Name:Sakaguchi, Yuki
Age: 17
Gender: female
Height: 5'9"
Date of Birth: 12/20/96
Year: second

Yuki is youngest of four children of a single mother. She was born and raised in central Tokyo. Yuki was never a family oriented girl, but she was an excellent student spending most of her time studying outside of the apartment. She only came home whenever she needed to rest and eat.
Considered an outcast by her family, she was mostly, entirely involved with her friends at school. She had a very best friend, Nao, who introduced her to volleyball late in secondary school. The two were inseparable and played very well together. Nao was the best player and captain of the team, and Yuki admired her very much. Yuki would often over practice herself in order to match Nao's talent.
Though successful in both academics and volleyball, Nao was emotionally unstable and constantly struggled. Despite Yuki's efforts, Nao had unfortunately committed suicide a few months after entering high school. They never saw it coming. Devastated, Yuki did not go to school much afterwards, but was able to maintain her grades to avoid dropping out. As the summer after first year came to an end, Yuki made the decision to switch schools in order to start anew and make amends with herself and Nao.

Personality: kind, supportive, team-oriented, good sportsmanship, studious, sensitive, insecure
Isolated from her family, Yuki became introvert at a very young age. She has very well-developed studying skills and proves to excel in most of her classes. It wasn't until she met Nao was when she became more outgoing and friendly, though she is sometimes still pretty shy and hesitant when meeting new people.
She learns fast, but her insecurities hinder her from completely giving her all. After her friend's death, she has become very sensitive about others' feelings and often finds herself exerting too much energy caring for others and neglecting herself.
She enjoys being alone as much as she enjoys being with people.

Club: volleyball

Occupation: n/a

- She eats like a sumo wrestler. She loves ramen, udon, and street food.
- Despite her soft, kind-hearted demeanor, she has a very hardcore interior. Off campus and out of her uniform, she typically wears dark clothing and listens to heavy metal music.
- She ADORES music and attending concerts.

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